I love open source hardware. Where can I donate to your association?
We are now taking donations and offering memberships. Please note that we do not yet have non-profit status and your donation may not be tax-deductible if we do not receive the 501(c)3 status that we are applying for.

Why is your non-profit status pending?
Although we aim to be an international organization, we had to pick a country to start it in. The American IRS can take one or two years sorting through all the documentation. We are working hard to file for tax exemption as soon as we have all the paperwork ready to go. Until the IRS approves it, our status will be pending and we cannot promise your donation will be tax exempt (in America).

Do you have guidelines for the OSHWA logo usage?
Yes, we do. Please view our Guidelines and Brand PDF. Please remember the OSHWA logo is not the same as the oshw logo that signifies your hardware is open source hardware. OSHWA’s logo is specific to the Association itself.

Can’t you do everything on a public mailing list? Why a board?
The short answer is you have to start somewhere. The long answer is that
there is quite a lot of legwork to build a 501(c)(3) non-profit with
solid mechanisms for transparency, ongoing support, and public voting
membership. We wanted to bootstrap the framework of a non-profit
organization so that the community has something to put their
comments/votes/content into. We commit to holding public votes each year
moving forward, but to get there, we need a legal framework (which
involves a lot of paperwork) and we needed a small group of people to
complete this work effectively and efficiently in a way that can
preserve attorney-client privilege. The goal of this initial group is
primarily to get the OSHWA organization formed as an engine to further
involve the community as soon and in as many ways as is possible. Most
of the *real* work of building support for Open Source Hardware will
continue to take place in public. We hope this association will be long
living and all inclusive, for the community and by the community. There was a  working group of people who helped this organization gets its feet in one way or another.

Who was part of this working group you speak of?     
Adam Mayer, Alicia Gibb, Ayah Bdeir, Brandon Stafford, Catarina Mota, Charles Pax, Danese Cooper, David Carrier, Dustyn Roberts, George Shammas, Shigeru Kobayashi, Leah Buechley, Lenore Edman, Massimo Banzi, David Mellis, Nathan Seidle, Nick Pinkston, Tom Igoe, Wendy Seltzer, Windell Oskay, Bunnie Huang, and a few people who wish to remain anonymous.

I can’t sit on my hands and wait patiently for updates! Can I contact someone over there to ask more questions?
Yes, you can email info@oshwa.org but please be aware we are in very baby steps of setting up this structure to make announcements and get the public involved as fast as possible. We’re concentrating on that, and may not answer your email very quickly.

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