Today OSHWA is revoking the certification for the following hardware:

mini::bike DE000107
mini::lab DE000106
mini::base DE000093
mini::pit DE000096
mini::grid DE000095
mini::out DE000094

We are taking this action because the documentation is no longer publicly available and the parties responsible for the hardware have indicated that they are not in a position to republish it.  The absence of the documentation was brought to our attention by a member of the open source hardware community.

In the past, we have fully removed decertified hardware from the certification directory. However, this time we are keeping the listing in the directory and making two changes:

  1. We are adding “(revoked)” after the hardware name to make it clear that the hardware is no longer certified.
  2. We have updated the documentation links to point to versions of the documentation OSHWA archived at the time of certification.

This second change is possible because OSHWA started archiving documentation as part of the certification process a number of years ago. This archived documentation is usually stored privately. OSHWA does this, in part, in order to avoid creating an alternative (and not updated) documentation archive that competes with the creator’s active documentation. In cases where the documentation is no longer available and OSHWA has an archive copy, OSHWA will add documentation for decertified hardware to as part of the decertification process.

An effective certification program requires ongoing monitoring of certified hardware, both by OSHWA and by the larger open source hardware community.  OSHWA prefers to work with responsible parties to resolve problems with certified hardware and views decertification as a last resort. 

We discuss the decertification process in more detail in our blog post about the first decertification.  You can learn more about the certification program on the certification page and certification FAQs. Finally, if you have questions about the certification process, or want to report a problem with a piece of certified hardware, you can always reach out to