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June 22, 2015

Promoting Robotics Education

KCOHG in partnership SainLabs announces the first annual Robotics Build Challenge

WHAT: The Kansas City Open Hardware Group invites you to come be a part of our upcoming Robotics Build Challenge! The challenge is open to all agents and backgrounds with the goal of promoting Open Hardware innovation and is geared towards those who are have a passion to learn about robotics.

WHY: The event will be an opportunity to learn, collaborate, and build great things. KCOHG is proposing a challenge for teams to develop Open Source robots that will be able to overcome a series of physical challenges.


SainLabs, 8021 Flint ST.
Lenexa, KS 66214

 TICKETS:  Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite on our website www.kcohg.org

WHEN: 9 a.m.- CLOSE Saturday July 18th / 9a.m. – 5:00p.m. Sunday July 19th

HOW: You’ll work in teams of 2-4 builders to make produce a working robot. We’ll provide you with a bunch of prototyping and build resources and lots of food to keep your batteries topped off. At the completion of the build process each team’s robot will face off against each other in a battle of 6 challenges.

Each challenge has been crafted to help new and experienced builders apply technology principles and engineering concepts to solve real-world problems through a team approach.

The teams will be judged based on their completion of the challenges as well as the technical aspects of the robot itself.

In addition we will have Mentors who’ve done this kind of thing before to help anyone who isn’t sure where to start, or isn’t sure how to finish.

At the completion of the event KCOHG will work with the top 3 winning teams to create an Open Source Kit to be posted and distributed for the Open Source community.

WHO: Anyone with an idea or drive to innovate should sign up, regardless of skill level. Non-technical participants are equally welcome!

Registrants (“Builders”) have the option to arrive as an individual or a team. If you’re looking for a team, stop by one of our social sessions before the event, otherwise we’ll match everyone up into teams the day-of. Teams must be between 2-4 people.

Yes, we will be supplying the hardware (although you are free to add more of your own). Each box is guaranteed to have an Open Source Micro-controller and a prototyping developers kit.

That is all we can say. We’re keeping it a surprise because surprises are awesome!

It is recommended that you bring a laptop and your enthusiasm.


Kansas City Open Hardware Group, a 3-year-old community-based nonprofit created to educate, promote and foster the use of Open Source Hardware.

To promote the groups belief that true innovation occurs through open and collaborative effort, KCOHG provides educational conferences and events advocating a better understanding of Open Source Hardware and its uses.

Contact Info:

Web: www.kcohg.org |  Twitter: @KCOHG  |  Facebook: www.facebook.com/KCOHG

Email: info [at] kcohg [dot] org

About Us:

The KC Open Source Hardware Group (KCOHG) began two years ago during a discussion between the two founders regarding the lack of an Open Hardware initiative that was “close to home”.   Over the last several years technical user-groups have proliferated the Kansas City area, and while they share common ideals and even members they still remained focused on very specific technologies.  Due in part to that focus the majority of these groups were unaware of the open-source hardware available to them.  

As the group began to take shape, our goal grew clear, if we want foster growth, education and awareness in the community we need to dig in and get our hands dirty. Taking a model from the Open Source Hardware Association, we have had two successful conferences in the KC Metro area covering demonstrations and discussions around exciting startups and technologies, Internet of things, robotics, 3D printing, wearable computing, and big data and open sensors.