Current OSHWA Branches:

El Salvador


Our vision and the duties when creating an OSHWA branch in your city or country can be found in the OSHWA BRANCHING CHAPTER.

We basically require three members to kick off a branch that puts together some community engagement and education program.

If you’re interested to evaluate and eventually kickoff an official Open Source Hardware Association branch in your city, please fill in this form here and express your interest in opening an OSHWA Branch!

2 thoughts on “OSHWA Branches”

  1. Hi,

    Spoke about this at the OSHWA Summit in Rome. I’ll be able to organise 3 members, if not I know people who should be and get them signed up 🙂

    I had lots of experience running courses and speaking at conferences in this space. I have access to several spaces that meetings an the like could be help in.

    I already promote OSWA at my meetup, conferences and other events. If you need any more information get in touch to discuss.


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