Policy on Partnerships and Products

OSHWA serves as a neutral forum for discussion of open-source hardware and tries hard to avoid bias in favor of or against particular products or companies. As such, OSHWA does not fund, endorse or promote specific outside projects. That said, as part of our mission to educate the public about open-source hardware, we may discuss news or issues that involve specific open-source hardware products if we feel there is a broader goal achieved or to bring interest to an open process, field, or study rather than the product itself.

Example of something we will not post:

I’m launching a new (open-source) product, would you please share it with your community?

Example of something we may post:

I have a novel way of doing something openly that affects the whole community, will you please share it with your community?

For Example:

– I’m applying open-source hardware in a new domain.

– I’ve written up the strategies we used to build up our open-source hardware and knowledge of this will benefit similar communities.