The Journal of Open Hardware –

The international peer-reviewed Journal of Open Hardware publishes papers and reviews on technical, legal, economic, and sociocultural aspects of open hardware design, fabrication, and distribution. Its primary goal is to promote research and development of professional, academic, and community-based open hardware projects.

The Journal of Open Engineering –

The Journal of Open Engineering is a no-fee, open access journal published on the PubPub platform. The journal advocates for rapid dissemination of engineering innovations, education, design, and development and aims to publish articles which communicate the development of engineering innovations, report on engineering design, describe advances in engineering education, provide examples of open engineering in practice or innovations in the conduct of open engineering, and critical examinations of the impacts of the engineering practice on communities and populations around the world.


HardwareX is an open access journal established to promote free and open source designing, building and customizing of scientific infrastructure (hardware). HardwareX aims to recognize researchers for the time and effort in developing scientific infrastructure while providing end-users with sufficient information to replicate and validate the advances presented. HardwareX is open to input from all scientific, technological and medical disciplines. Scientific infrastructure will be interpreted in the broadest sense. Including hardware modifications to existing infrastructure, sensors and tools that perform measurements and other functions outside of the traditional lab setting (such as wearables, air/water quality sensors, and low-cost alternatives to existing tools), and the creation wholly new tools for either standard or novel laboratory tasks. Authors are encouraged to submit hardware developments that address all aspects of science, not only the final measurement, for example, enhancements in sample preparation and handling, user safety, and quality control. The use of distributed digital manufacturing strategies (e.g. 3-D printing) is encouraged. All designs must be submitted under an open hardware license.


Computers, Design and Technologies from MDPI –

Computers is an international, scientific, peer-reviewed, open access journal of computer science, including computer and network architecture and computer–human interaction as its main foci, published monthly online by MDPI.

Designs is an international, scientific, peer-reviewed, open access journal of engineering designs published bimonthly online by MDPI.

Technologies is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal singularly focusing on emerging scientific and technological trends and is published bimonthly online by MDPI.

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