How do we run our elections?

All OSHWA board candidates have to self-nominate to be eligible for election. Self-nomination demonstrates that the candidate has a personal commitment to serving on the OSHWA board. The candidates outline their motivation and qualifications so voters can make informed decisions. 

OSHWA board members are elected for two year terms. Terms are staggered so that only a portion of the OSHWA board terms expire in any given year in order to maintain continuity within the board. Elections are held each year for the portion of the board seats that are open in that year.

We announce the start of the board nomination process on the front of the OSHWA website and on the OSHWA twitter accounts (@oshwassociation and @ohsummit). These platforms reach beyond just existing OSHWA members to the broader OSHW community. 

In addition to the general announcement, we directly reach out to potential candidates with diverse backgrounds, suggesting they nominate themselves.

Once the nominations are closed, OSHWA members vote to elect new board members. Voting is limited to OSHWA members as per the rules that govern OSHWA’s non-profit incorporation.  We use online voting for board elections. Our bylaws require that at least 10% of our membership vote in order to reach quorum to validate the election.

Who should consider running?

People who love OSHWA! If you want to support the work OSHWA does and advocate on our behalf, this role is for you. To be a board member you should have some knowledge in one of the many facets of open hardware, be it manufacturing, education, policy, or more. We pride ourselves on having a diverse board and would love help spreading the word to people in underrepresented groups. We welcome those who have no prior board experience. 

If you’d like to talk to current board members prior to running and find out what’s it’s like being an OSHWA board member please email


last Tues in Sept, Nominations open

2nd Tues in Oct, Nominations close

3rd Tues in Oct, Voting period 1 week (7 days) in length

4th week in Oct, new members announced