Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) is thrilled to announce we have just received our official non-profit status! To celebrate this honor, we are launching a Membership Campaign to double our members of like-minded individuals and companies between now and December 31, 2014.

You can actively support open source hardware by becoming a member of OSHWA. Membership gives you visibility within the community for yourself and/or your company. Membership also allows you to vote on the organization’s board members and create positive momentum within the larger open source movement. How cool is that? Additional benefits include fun schwag like stickers, and a discount to all OSHWA events. Members receive priority access to events which typically sell out in the community, such as the Open Hardware Summit.

Now that we are a non-profit, your membership gift is tax-deductible. Until now, our generous supporters have made financial contributions to enable our work because they truly believe in what we do. We could not be more appreciative.

OSHWA aims to be the voice of the open hardware community, ensuring that technological knowledge is accessible to everyone. We encourage the collaborative development of technology that serves education, environmental sustainability, and human welfare.

When you join as a member or make an additional donation, your tax-deductible support allows us to:

  • Organize conferences and community events
  • Pay for travel so women and people of color who would not otherwise be able to attend our annual Summit Conference are able to do so
  • Create educational initiatives for the public on topics around open source hardware and its long-term impact on innovation
  • Organize the open source hardware movement around shared values and principles
  • Facilitate STEM education through the use of open source hardware conferences and other events
  • Collect, compile, and publish data on the open source hardware movement and communities of practice.

Feel free to reach out to with any questions/thoughts/ideas about collaboration.

Don’t forget: Some awesome companies will match a gift their employees make to a non-profit. Please check if yours is one of them. That will allow your gift to go twice as far.

If you made a contribution retroactive to the date of OSHWA’s incorporation on May 25, 2012, contributions made after that date are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.