Last month at the Open Hardware Summit we announced the start of the OSHWA open source hardware certification program.  Part of that program involved issuing unique IDs (UIDs) for each piece of registered hardware.  Since we knew that low numbers would be hot properties, we decided to wait until the end of October to assign them.  That allowed us to give every piece of hardware registered in the month of October a chance for the lowest possible number.

Today, thanks to the good people at, we have assigned those UIDs to all pieces of hardware registered before the end of October.  We have also started assigning numbers sequentially for all pieces of hardware registered since November started.  You can see all of the registered hardware  here.

There were 60 different projects registered from 9 different countries.  Want to get your own UID?  Register here!

4 thoughts on “Open Source Hardware Certification IDs Are Live!”

    1. Does require that entries are OSHWA-compliant open source? Is there a verification process?

      1. Well, the community keeps track of the posted projects. We only allow the following licences:

        Attribution-ShareAlike (CC-BY-SA)
        Attribution (CC-BY)
        Balloon Open Hardware License
        CERN Open Hardware License
        TAPR Open Hardware License
        GPL 3.0
        Public Domain

        It’s ok to post a WIP projects (without source files) while the board still hasn’t been verified by the author. We wouldn’t want “newbies” to go download and order boards that still might have errors.

        We also remove projects that never publishes any source files (after contacting/verifying with author).

        So, yes, we verify projects manually.

  1. The directory is looking sparse, can we finally all agree this has been a misguided effort and shut it down. Then we can get back to an educational approach to teaching about OSHW and not this self-appointed enforcer of make-believe rules?

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