If you’ve certified a project in the past, you might have come across our OSHW Certification Mark: It’s a neat way of showing off your project’s open source status and helping your users find their way to the list of certificated projects.

A photo of various physical items bearing the OSHW certification mark. On the left is the Beancounter, a tool for counting parts, and its printed circuit board is visible and displays the OSHW certification mark in white silkscreen near the top. On the right is a small purple development board which displays the OSHW certification mark in white silkscreen and copper.

We recently added a brand new guide on how to use this mark in various situations, such as on printed circuit boards and in documentation. We’ve also updated the certification directory so you can easily download your project’s certification mark right from the project page– complete with its project UID!

Example open source hardware certification logo and UID.

We hope these changes have a positive impact on your work and we hope to see the certification mark out in the wild more often. If you use the mark, we’d love it if you shared a photo with us on our Discord or Twitter.