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As participants in the Open Source Hardware Community, we invite you to join us in the expansion of our member base. Industry leaders have long recognized the need for better communication between sectors at the local level, and your support provides the structured forum needed.

With participation in local OSHWA branches, you have the opportunity to focus on local OSHW problems and join in finding solutions by networking more effectively with other members of the community. New technologies and national standards require expanded educational opportunities, which are offered through the local branches. Through your local branch, we can share information more effectively, mutually consider legislative and communal needs and, by working together, provide the best possible service to the public!

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Welcome new OSHWA board members, thank you to the members stepping down

Hello to the new board members, Akiba, Arielle, and David, joining the OSHWA team!

Each board member will be helping the organization continue to grow through contributions drawn from an amazing array of backgrounds and experiences in hackerspaces, makerspaces, academics, OSHW businesses, government relations, and much more!

We also thank the board members stepping down, Jeff, Joel, and Katherine, for contributing their time and experience to steer the organization and influence the open source hardware community as a whole. We appreciate the efforts everyone has put and will put into The Open Source Hardware Association!


Akiba has been designing open source hardware for the past ten years and has run an open source hardware company for the same amount of time. I’ve put together or have been involved putting together four hackerspaces (Tokyo Hackerspace, Mothership Hackermoms, Knowledge Garden Dharamsala, and HackerFarm) and understand the importance of building, maintaining, and growing community.


Arielle Hein

Arielle is a graduate studies alumni of ITP NYU and has worked extensively with Open Source Hardware consistently since then. In her current role as an Instructor at the University of Colorado, she teaches interaction design and physical computing courses that rely heavily on open source tools. She also offers extensive community organizing experience through ongoing work as the Coordinator of ITP Camp.






David Li

David has been an open source and free software contributor since 1990 on various of projects. Ardublock, developed in 2012, is one of the most popular graphical development environments for Arduino. His experiences include research in the area of open hardware ecosystem in China since 2011, director of the ObjectWeb (a European based open source software consortium) in 2003-2006, and has contributed to the joint effort between ObjectWeb and major Chinese open source software projects.


Open Hardware Summit 2017 Hotel Rooms and post-summit events

We are only a few months out from this years OHSummit! This year we will be hosting the annual gathering in the Rocky Mountain region in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Denver is home to several startups and projects built around the open source ethos with a thriving community to support the movement. If you are interested in finding out more about some of the local open source culture, be sure to check out the new events page here!

We are excited to announce that ART Hotel, adjacent to this year’s venue, is working with us to provide discounted rates for their rooms! Find out more information here.

Don’t forget there are still tickets and sponsorship places available as well!

Hope to see everyone in Denver!

Ada Lovelace Fellowship Applications Now Open

The Ada Lovelace Fellowship encourages women, LGBTA+, and/or other minorities in the open technology movement to both participate and nurture an incredible, diverse community within open source.

For the fifth year running, we are ecstatic to offer TEN (10) Open Hardware Fellowships to members of the community. This includes travel assistance and entrance to the 2017 open Hardware Summit!

We are at an exciting point in time for open source and hope to encourage everyone, no matter their walk in life, to embrace and participate in this incredible movement!

Announcing the 2017 Open Hardware Summit!


The Open Source Hardware Association, a 501(c)3 non-profit, is excited to announce the 2017 Open Hardware Summit taking place October 5th, 2017 in Denver, Colorado. This is the annual gathering of the OSHWA organization and open hardware community. Through the Open Hardware Summit, we aim to create an inclusive welcoming environment to empower people in all stages of discovering open source technology.

The Open Hardware Summit is where anyone and everyone can participate and collaborate in the open source community!

Don’t forget to check your email for your 10% discount if you have a general membership or above at OSHWA!
Considering Sponsoring this year?

At this time we are opening the call for companies or individuals interested in sponsoring this year’s summit. More information can be found here.

For the fifth year running, we are ecstatic to offer up TEN (10) Open Hardware Fellowships to members of the community. This includes travel assistance and entrance to the 2017 open Hardware Summit!

The Ada Lovelace Fellowship encourages women, LGBTA+, and/or other minorities in the open technology movement to both participate and nurture an incredible, diverse community within open source.
Looking for other ways to are other options to support and participate in the movement? You can help by:
  • Sharing information on individual and corporate memberships with friends and colleagues
  • Using our guidelines to certify projects or products as a form of standardized open hardware
  • Participating on social media outlets (like Twitter and Facebook) to keep the conversation going and spread news of the summit
  • Last, but far from least, donating to our 501(c)3 (be sure to remember that some companies match gift amounts their employees make to a non-profit! This doubles the distance that gifts will go!!)