Michael Weinberg is putting together an Open Hardware event in DC to introduce open source hardware to our congresspeople. The one-day event will be held on April 20th, 2012 at the Rayburn House Office Building Room 2322 in Washington DC. There will be two panels followed by demos. The event is free, though I’m sure Michael wouldn’t mind a donation or two to help out. Bring your project and yourself!

Check out more about the event on Public Knowledge’s Website.

5 thoughts on “Open Hardware in DC this Friday!”

  1. Will you guys soon share your promo-material for who wants to organize similar event elsewhere? Say for example in a wiki? Could even be collaboratively written…

  2. It’s not actually our event, it’s hosted by Public Knowledge, but I’m sure Michael Weinberg would love to help citizens get in front of their various governments! I’ll bring it up with him on Friday.


  3. ‘T’was a wonderful opportunity to network with like-minded people! I’m glad I was able to play hookey for an afternoon!

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