The OSHWA board has appointed AddieWagenknecht and Jimmie Rodgers as the 2013 Open Hardware Summit co-chairs!


Addie Wagenknecht completed a Masters at New York University as a Wasserman Scholar and shortly after held fellowships at Eyebeam Atelier, CultureLab UK and more recently at HyperWerk Institute for Post-Industrial Design as well as Carnegie Mellon University STUDIO for Creative Inquiry. She is currently a Mozilla Open(art) Fellow, an artist at Free Art and Technology Lab a.k.a. F.A.T. Lab as well as co-founder of NORTD labs who created the open source lasercutter Lasersaur. The Lasersaur Project is estimated to have around 1,000 active developers including New York University, Stanford University and Carnegie Mellon University among others. Addie is a professor in robotics and open source computation at the institut für experimentelle architektur hochbau at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. Wagenknecht’s research, collaborations and projects are documented in a number of academic papers, books and magazines such as the Economist, Forbes, Popular Mechanics, MIT Technology Review, Gizmodo, Slashdot, Engadget, Heise, ARTnews and Der Standard. She currently splits her time between New York City and Austria (but really just lives on the internet). Through her artistic and scientific practices she hopes to challenge the status quo and create a sense of bittersweet irony (preferably both at once). More information can be found at her website and

Jimmie Rodgers has been an open hardware developer since 2009, his most popular hardware project being the LoL Shield for Arduino. He’s been involved in organizing events of nearly every size, and his efforts at these events have led to over 40,000 people learning to solder. He was a founding board member of Artisan’s Asylum (world’s largest hackerspace in both size and membership), where he teaches and makes things full time as well as manages the Electronics and Robotics lab. He recently received an Awesome Foundation grant, with which he will be working on open source laser-cut quilts in the coming months.