OSHWA is looking for 5 new faces to join the board of directors for the Open Source Hardware Association. Please fill out this form to become a nominee or forward the link to the person you wish to nominate for them to fill out. The purpose of this form will be to tell voting members a bit about yourself. We will be publish the nominees and their answers on Aug. 27th. Board members hold a 2-year position. Once board members have been chosen by the community, the board will appoint a President, VP, and Secretary. Board responsibilities include fundraising, advising on goals and direction and carry out compliance with the organizations purposes and bylaws. Current board members will meet with nominees who are present at the Summit during lunch on Sept.6th. Board members Windell Oskay, Danese Cooper, and Addie Wagenknecht will remain on the board. Nominations will be open until Aug. 26th.

Nominee form.

Member voting will take place Sept 6 &7. Want to vote in the election? Become a member if you’re not already! Please note that only individuals can vote, corporate members cannot.

4 thoughts on “Nominations for OSHWA board member positions”

  1. I am a creative technologist and open-source hardware designer interested in the relationship between technology and ecology. I create sculptural and robotic works that mimic environmental phenomena and animal behavior. I design modular Open Hardware toolkits for biomimetic robots for environmental exploration and preservation, and to explore how shared information fuels innovation. I am passionate about sharing information, biomimetic robots, PCB’s, electromechanical actuation, wireless sensor networks, coding, good documentation, and inventing creative solutions.

    I am COO of Protei Inc, Open Hardware robotic morphological sailboats to clean and explore the oceans, and inventor of Sneel, robotic swimming snakes to explore unknown territories.

    I just returned from a radical experiment, circumnavigating the world by boat. I was a Fellow of the Unreasonable at Sea accelerator, exposing Protei to 14 different ports worldwide, while innovating through a design-based approach of the Stanford d. School, through field research, user-testing, design thinking, and hands-on engagement. On the journey, I led global hackathons centered around the topic of building DIY aquatic robots.

    I studied Biology and Piano at Cornell University and Oberlin College, then worked doing Cancer Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine before abandoning the lab for the outdoors to become a wildland fire fighter based in Oregon. I hold a Masters degree in Design and Technology from ITP, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU.

    Since 2010, I have exhibited work internationally including Ars Electronica, MIT Media Lab, Meta.Morf Electronic Arts Biennial (Norway), and the American Museum of Natural History. I received the 2012 Prix Ars Electronica Hybrid Arts Award, the first Artist in Residence at Instructables, the NYU Task Force Green Grant, and the Gulfstream Navigator Savannah $100K Ocean Exchange Grant. I teach Biomimetic Design courses as a visiting professor at CIID (Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design), and adjunct professor at ITP. I have presented globally at symposia and lectures including the Open Hardware Summit 2011 (NYC), Startup Festival (Bangalore), and Unreasonable at State (US State Department), and soon at TEDxNavesink on “Open Hardware Fueling Innovation and Global Adventures with Open Hardware Robots”. My work has been written up in Wired, InHabitat, HyperAllergic, CNN, Vice Magazine, NY1, and Scientific American.

    I freelance as a creative coder, and I am organizing DARC civilian Drone conference in NYC in October.

      1. I just realized I late two nights ago posted a comment rather than filling out the nominee form so this is maybe an inappropriate spot for this info about myself to be 🙂
        but I couldn’t figure out how to remove this comment

  2. First time caller, long time listener!

    I’ve been involved in hackers and community since going to college in 2001. I have been a founder of 4 non-profits, Lead Engineer at MakerBot (when it was open source) and I left when they went closed-source.

    I’ve helped out on the edges of OSHWA and done some limited assist for OHS2013. I think I’d be a keen board member to help grow and expand the institution.

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