cc-attribution: Alicia Gibb

The Best Practices, written by the community via the mailing list and a Google doc, have been posted on OSHWA’s website for while now. But we’ve been seeing an increase in questions about specifics of the oshw definition as of late, usually dealing with how to best implement the definition. So we wanted to raise some awareness that the Best Practices are a guide to following the oshw definition.

The Best Practices include:

  • How to publish Original Design Files
  • How to publish Auxiliary Design Files
  • Advice for BOMs, Software, Firmware, Photos, and Instruction
  • Hosting your Design Files, and Licensing them
  • What to do when Distributing Your OSHW
  • How to reuse and remix other’s OSHW

This document has been hashed out over the course of the past 6 months thanks to the work of participants on the mailing list lead by David A. Mellis and Nathan Seidle. If you feel we’re missing something, wish to discuss, or have a translation for us to post, please write to the mailing list.